Business Etiquette (Adults)

Business Etiquette (Adults)

Outclass Your Competition

The Outclass Your Competition classes are designed to help adults gain knowledge of business etiquette and soft skills. Knowing how to finesse your way through various business and social settings with poise and dignity can be your ticket to success in your professional and personal lives. Classes are 60-90 minutes in length.

  • Positive first impressions
  • Handshakes — the ultimate greeting
  • Introducing yourself and others
  • Conversation starters
  • Remembering names and name tags
  • Eye contact and body language
  • Business card savvy
  • Social media and technology etiquette
  • Correspondence and invitations
  • “New kid on the block”
  • Host and guest responsibilities
  • Socializing, networking, receiving lines
  • Dining etiquette
  • Business meals — seating arrangements and ordering
  • Tipping
  • Business travel — taxis, hotels, restaurants and who pays?

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Classes are customized to meet the needs and specific goals for your organization.