Dining Etiquette (Adults)

Dining Etiquette (Adults)

Dining with Class

Knowing proper dining etiquette can put you at ease in any situation. A session of Dining with Class will give you the confidence for any setting whether as a host or guest at home, a business meal, in a restaurant, or a private club. A 90-minute dining etiquette tutorial paired with social skills is available for any age and can be combined with any class. Manners Matter will customize to your needs and location.

  • Dining — formal and informal
  • Defining place settings — formal vs. informal
  • Who sits where?
  • Ordering wine
  • Tipping
  • Conversation — making small talk
  • Poise: correct stance, sitting gracefully, body language
  • Invitations, RSVPs, thank-you notes
  • Technology and social media etiquette

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Classes are customized to meet the needs and specific goals for your organization.