Teens (Ages 13-17)

Teens (Ages 13-17)

Etiquette for Teens

Looking to help your child or young adult gain poise and become confident with social etiquette? Manners Matter offers the “other voice” to convey the common courtesies that parents try to teach at home. We focus on teaching manners as a demonstration of kindness, consideration, and respect toward others.

Participants will learn the skills needed to help them navigate various social situations with ease and certainty.

Topics included, but not limited to:

    • Creating positive first impressions: appearance, body language, posture
    • Handshake with confidence: the ultimate greeting
    • Making introductions: yourself, friend, a parent or in public
    • Make small talk: conversation skills
    • Guest and host responsibilities
    • Telephone and email etiquette
    • Navigating social media and netiquette
    • Creating correspondence: RSVPs, thank-you notes
    • Dressing for the occasion: act and dress for success
    • Practicing table manners and dining etiquette: dining tips, proper table settings, use of utensils, food-finesse

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